Why are Ice Hockey Players Allowed to Fight?

Hockey is different from almost any other team sport in terms of its acceptance for fighting within the game. It’s incredibly rare to witness a fight during a football, basketball or soccer game. But hockey… hockey’s different. Bare knuckle fighting is not only accepted in hockey, sometimes it’s actually encouraged and incentivized. But, why? Why […]

Why Are Hockey Shifts So Short? Line Changes Explained

One of the most difficult things to understand for new hockey fans is just exactly how and why the players make substitutions so frequently and sometimes at seemingly random intervals. In most sports players either wait on the bench or on the sidelines until a stoppage in play allows for a substitution. In hockey, this […]

Why Does Hockey Have Three Periods?

Waiting for halftime during the hockey game? Well… you may be stuck waiting awhile, as hockey doesn’t use the traditional quarter/half format that other popular sports like football and basketball use. So… why? Interestingly enough, professional hockey used to be played into two 30 minute halves prior to the 1910-11 season. The concept of three […]