5 Best Hockey Shin Guards Reviewed [2022]

Posted on May 12, 2019 by Dan Kent
best shin guards

Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect pair of hockey shin pads? There are so many different factors to take into consideration that it can make the process stressful.

That’s why we have researched and reviewed what some of the best hockey shin guards have to offer. Regardless of whether you’re a defensive or attacking player, someone on a budget, or someone looking for the most advanced shin pads – you can be sure to find what you’re looking for in our review.

A buyer’s guide is also available at the end. We have made sure to include some very useful information that makes the entire process of finding the correct size, style, and fit a lot easier.

Comparison Table

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior Hockey Shin GuardsBauer Supreme 3S SeniorBest overall pickCheck Price
Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior Hockey Shin GuardsWarrior Alpha DX3 SeniorBest BudgetCheck Price
Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior Hockey Shin GuardsCCM Jetspeed FT370 LE SeniorBest Flexibility Check Price
Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior Hockey Shin GuardsBauer Supreme Ultrasonic SeniorBest Impact AbsorptionCheck Price
Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Senior Hockey Shin GuardsBauer Supreme 3S Pro SeniorBest for Keeping You CoolCheck Price

Bauer Supreme 3S Senior

Best overall pick

Bauer Supreme 3S Senior

The Bauer Supreme 3S Senior hockey shin guards feature an ErgoDynamic Lab design within the knee caps. This feature is effective in allowing you to fit the shin guard closer to the natural shape of your knee. As a result, players have found that these shin guards are more comfortable.

These comfort features are enhanced by how the overall design of the shin guards is anatomical. Not to mention, they work incredibly well to keep you protected from impact by dispersing the energy created from shots and preventing them from causing injury. 

Players have mentioned how the Bauer Supreme 3S shin guards also have a lightweight design. This means that you can have the freedom to move around and play to the best of your ability without worrying about the shin guards weighing you down. 

We were impressed to find that a calf guard has been added to the back of the shin guards. These guards have PE inserts that keep your calf protected from shots and slashes. MD foam materials are also included towards the top of the calf guard which enables you to stay flexible and comfortable. 

Awesome Features

  • Anchor straps for a snug fit 
  • ThermoMax comfort liner to keep you cool
  • Anatomical design
  • Highly protective 

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Warrior Alpha DX3 Senior

Best budget

Warrior Alpha DX3 Senior

Warrior’s Alpha DX3 shin guards are one of the best options if you’re on a budget. We liked how the slash guards and calf guards have been made with molded materials. This is because it provides you with plenty of protection against slashes from sticks and impact from shots. 

In addition to the protection benefits, players have found the shin guards to be lightweight. Therefore, you can keep yourself protected whilst also still being able to have lots of mobility. 

Some players have mentioned that the straps are a little short. However, others find that the straps fit just right. They’ve included a system that allows you to tighten the straps around your legs for a snug fit. This allows you to tighten the guards so that they’re comfortable without restricting your movement. 

On the inside of the shin guards, a Strike Yellow liner has been included. This liner is excellent for preventing moisture from building up so you can stay comfortable and dry whilst playing. 

Awesome Features

  • Protective molded design
  • Durable design
  • Keeps players dry & comfortable 

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CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Senior

Best flexibility 

CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Senior

The CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE shin guards have been made with a lightweight design whilst providing plenty of flexibility. We liked how a PE foam material has been used for the liner on the interior of these guards as it enables you to stay comfortable without limiting your movement. 

These shin guards are also great for keeping you protected due to the shin cap design. An anatomical design has been used for the knee caps which is fantastic for ensuring that the guards fit closer to your body for a more natural fit. However, some players have mentioned that the knee caps aren’t as durable as they expected. 

PE foam materials have been used for the calf guards and they’re superb for keeping you protected from the front and back. Players have been impressed with how there’s so much protection available without compromising on flexibility. 

Furthermore, the available strap system is secure and easy to use. You can use the lock strap system to tighten the shin guards to your leg tightly and comfortably. Players like how they can adjust the strap to create a fit that works best for them.

Awesome Features

  • Antimicrobial liner for keeping you dry & preventing odors
  • Excellent strapping system
  • Flexible design
  • Plenty of protection available 

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Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Senior

Best Impact Absorption

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Senior

Bauer’s Supreme Ultrasonic shin guards come with a knee cap design that includes their ErgoyDynamic technology. This works effectively to allow you to wear the knee caps with a closer fit which helps the guard to absorb the impact from shots. 

Moreover, an anatomical design is included with these shin guards which means that you can feel more comfortable. The AMP segment design also keeps you well protected, without adding too much weight to the overall design. 

ADAPTIV Skin tech has been integrated into the back of these shin guards. This is great for ensuring that your calves can remain protected whilst playing. Furthermore, the side of the knee is shielded from stick hits and shots with foam materials. These materials absorb impact whilst also ensuring that you can be cool and comfortable. 

We liked how a ComfortLock anchor strap system has been included with these shin guards too. This is because it allows you to change the tightness of the shin guards to fit you comfortably by using the dial that’s included. 

Players have also been liking how Thermo Core materials have been used for the liner on the inside of the shin guards. This is because it works to keep you cool and dry and prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing. 

Awesome Features

  • Anatomical design
  • Lots of protection available 
  • Soft foam materials

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Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Senior

Best for keeping you cool

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Senior

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Senior shin guards feature ThermoMax+ materials which enable you to stay dry and cool. This liner material means that you can stay comfortable whilst playing and not have to worry about the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

We liked how the knee cap has been made with ErgoDynamic Lab technology as it allows the shin guards to fit your body closely for a snug feel. This closer fit also allows the guards to be more effective at absorbing impact from stick hits and shots. 

In addition to this, PE inserts have been added to the calf guard at the back. These materials are excellent for ensuring that your calves are provided with protection. Players have also been pleased to find that HD foam materials have been used to keep the sides of your knee protected. The MD foam material at the top of the shin guard is flexible which means that you can be protected whilst maintaining mobility. 

You can also securely tighten these shin guards to your legs by using the available dial. This dial lets you pull the straps to your legs in a way that fits your legs best. 

Awesome Features

  • Cooling ThermoMax+ liner
  • Anatomical design
  • Highly protective 

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Hockey Shin Pads Buyers Guide

hockey shin guards

So, now that you have a better idea of what some of the best hockey shin pads have to offer, you can begin to think about the pair that would suit you best.

However, if you’re still not sure on which pair you think would be best for you, and you want some additional guidance, you’ll want to check out our buyers guide section below.

The Best Way to Wear Shin Pads 

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out how hockey shin guards are supposed to be worn? Well, it’s a pretty common query. Here’s how to wear your shin guards with ease, every time.

Start by finding which one is meant for your right and left leg. Put them onto your shins facing the correct way.

There is usually a calf strap available that you can use to secure the pads to your calf and leg. After this, you should use the strap that’s available at the top (just below the knees) to secure the shin guard even more.

Once you feel like the shin pads have been fitted securely and comfortably, you can put on your socks and you’re ready to go.

How to Size Shin Pads 

Shin Pads

Prior to knowing how to put on your shin pads, you should find out what size you are. This is an incredibly important factor to consider to ensure that you’re able to perform well, while also feeling comfortable.

That’s why we recommend that you take measurements of your legs. Start by measuring the middle of your knee cap to the very top of your ice hockey skates.

That measurement should match up to the length of the shin guards that you’re interested in.

When you first try on a new pair of hockey shin pads, it’s a good idea to wear your skates too. This will provide you with the ability to see exactly how the shin pads are going to feel when you’re wearing the skates at the same time.

We also recommend that there should be a small space between the pad and your skin if you were going to tuck it into the tongue of your skates. This is because tucking it into the tongue of your skates will make it press tighter against your shin for a tighter feel.

If you want the shin guards to be over the tongue of your skates, it may be wise to find a size that’s an inch or so larger to make sure they still fit you securely.

Those are some good tips that will ensure you’re able to wear your shin guards comfortably and have the opportunity to perform to the best of your abilities.

Considering Your Position 

hockey player position

The position that you play can have a huge effect on the type of shin guards that you should be using.

If you play in a forwards position, you’re going to be more offensive. As a result, it’s best to wear shin guards that have been made with a lightweight design, while also offering you lots of flexibility.

Having a pair of shin guards that are flexible and lightweight allows you to go on the attack with more speed and precision, while being more mobile.

Players who have a more defensive approach to attacking will also want to ensure that they have ample protection too.

When it comes to the defense players, the goal is to guard the net. Therefore, it’s likely that you’re going to be blocking shots with your shin pads.

As a result, you are going to want a pair of durable guards that you can rely on to keep you protected from all angles. So, you’ll want to go with shin guards that have multiple layers of foam and are effective at absorbing impact.

The Different Shin Pad Features 

The shin pads mentioned in our review may seem to have a similar design, however, there are specific features that can make them very different.

For example, the straps are a feature that can vary depending on the shin pads that you’re wearing. Some shin guards only come with 1 strap, whereas other may come with 2 or even 3 straps.

The more expensive shin guards are the ones that implement more straps to ensure that they fit securely to your leg and feel comfortable. You’ll find that the majority of shin guards have 2 straps which are still very effective.

There are also shin pads that have been made with a cross over mechanism. This system provides you with a secure feeling while also being comfortable.

Some pads come with a feature that lets you remove the lining and padding form the inside. This can be a great function that comes in handy when you’re washing your pads.

The knee cap designs that come with most shin guards have been made to absorb the energy upon impact. However, the durability and kind of technology used varies depending on the model that you decide to go with.

All hockey shin pads come with protection for the calves. This is to ensure that the lower portion of your legs are always protected, from all angles. Having said that, some shin guards may provide more protection to cover the entire calf compared to others.


That wraps up our review on what the best hockey shin pads have to offer. You can consider all of the main features, benefits, and downsides to help you decide on the ones that are best for you.

Our buyers guide section can also be incredibly helpful in providing you with more insights that can make it easier to find the right pair of hockey shin pads.

We recommend that you think about the type of player that you are before making a final decision. This is because different shin guards have various upsides that could benefit an attacking or defensive player more.

Hopefully, all of the details in our review have made it a lot simpler for you to discover the best possible pair of ice hockey shin pads.

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