9 Best Hockey Skates Reviewed [2020]

Are you struggling to decide on which pair of ice hockey skates to choose? With so many different options and features to consider, the process can be quite a headache.

However, we have researched and reviewed what the best hockey skates that the top brands from CCM to Bauer have to offer. So, your job has been made easier.

Read our reviews below to gain a good idea of the kinds of features, positives, and downsides that these skates come with. A buyers guide is included at the end which you can use to gain more valuable information to help you make the best choice possible.

Comparison Table

Skates Name Award Price
CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates CCM Super Tacks AS1 Best Advanced Check Price
Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Comfort and customization Check Price
Bauer Vapor 1X Senior Ice Hockey Skates - '17 Model Bauer Vapor 1X Agility Check Price
Graf G755 Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates Graf G755 Pro Senior  Stiffness Check Price
CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior  Speed Check Price
Bauer Vapor X500 Senior Ice Hockey Skates - '17 Model Bauer Vapor X500 Support  Check Price
CCM Tacks 2092 Junior Ice Hockey Skates CCM Tacks 2092 Junior  Junior Check Price
CCM Ribcor 70K Youth Ice Hockey Skates CCM Ribcor 70K Youth Youth Check Price
Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Best Senior Check Price

CCM Super Tacks AS1

Best For Advanced Players

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

These skates have been made with a single-piece design that provides you with a lot of support. They are also incredibly lightweight and feel comfortable to wear on the ice.

We liked how the height of the boot is higher as it ensures that you have more support around your ankles. One of the other factors that makes these skates so lightweight is the fact that there is no stitching.

In order to provide you with more contact with your feet and the skates, they have implemented a monoframe 360 design. In addition to this, these skates have an anatomical fit.

As a result, they fit around your feet for a snug fit. This means that you have a lot of control when skating.

You’re able to get the most out of your power abilities on the ice due to the core that has been molded by heat. This makes them stiff to give you power.

Awesome Features

  • Single-piece boot frame design for support
  • Anatomical design for a tight fit
  • Heat molded core provides more stiffness
  • Lightweight feel


  • Anatomical design may not be so good for people with wider feet

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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro

Best for comfort & customization 

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates are among the brand’s top range when it comes to their Supreme selection. There’s some fantastic technology that has been used to design them.

There’s a carbon Curv composite available that provides the skates with a lot of strength. In addition to this, they are incredibly lightweight.

Total Edge Comfort Padding has been used inside these skates too. As a result, you are provided with a lot of comfort while skating.

We also liked how you’re able to wear these skates and have a tight feel on your feet. This is because of the anatomical design that they have used.

Many people prefer this design as it lets them feel like they have better contact with the ice with every stride. Their Reflex Pro tongue is also a great feature.

There are 3 tongues that weigh 52 ounces each and have composite inserts that have been molded by heat. This is an excellent feature that provides you with a snug and comfortable feeling on the top of your feet.

With a custom lacing feature, there are 3 additional eyelets on the top of the regular eyelet pieces. People have been liking this feature as it lets you lace your skates up in a variety of ways.

The Lock Fit Pro liner that has been incorporated on the inside of these skates is awesome for keeping your feet secure. It’s also effective at preventing any sweat from building up.

Awesome Features

  • Personalized lacing options
  • Anatomical fit
  • Total Edge Comfort Padding makes these skates feel great to wear
  • Lock Fit Pro liner prevents sweat from building up


  • Quite a costly option

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Bauer Vapor 1X

Best for agility 

Bauer Vapor 1X Senior Ice Hockey Skates - '17 Model

Bauer’s Vapor 1X skates have been made with a tapered design. As a result, your ankles are provided with a lot of support while also keeping your feet in a natural position.

This makes skating on the ice feel smooth and comfortable. You’re also able to have more control, especially when it comes to darting off in different directions quickly.

We were impressed with how Bauer has taken into account how frustrating it can be when blades break. That’s why they’ve used a Lightspeed Edge Holder.

This allows you to effortlessly swap out blades that have broken to get back out on the ice as soon as possible.

They have implemented their Curv composite materials which provide the skates with an incredibly lightweight feel. These materials also keep the skates durable and strong so that you can get more use out of them.

Comfort Edge padding is available too. This padding works well to provide the top of your feet with support and comfort, while also keeping your ankles well supported.

Awesome Features

  • Lightspeed Edge holder for changing out broken blades easily
  • Comfort Edge padding for added comfort and ankle support
  • Tapered design for a more natural feel


  • The paint can start wearing off over time

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Graf G755 Pro Senior

Best for stiffness

Graf G755 Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The Graf G755 Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates have been made using 4K composite materials, as well as a liner that included multiple layers.

Therefore, you’re able to wear these skates and notice how comfortable they feel. In addition to this, a microfiber quarter panel has been fitted that has 2 pieces and has been molded by heat.

This is excellent for providing you with the ability to achieve more power with your strides. Furthermore, to ensure that you have additional support and the ability to generate more power, a stiff tendon guard is available too.

In order to prevent your laces from biting, they have implemented a tongue that’s 10 mm in size. It acts as a protective layer that works well.

Awesome Features

  • Comfortable design
  • Microfiber quarter panel lets you generate lots of power
  • The stiff tendon guard provides you with additional support
  • Your heels can be locked securely into place due to the liner on the interior


  • May be too stiff for intermediate or lighter players.

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CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior

Best for speed 

CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

These CCM Jetspeed FT1 skates have been made for players who want to achieve remarkable speed while also being comfortable.

We liked how there’s a RocketFrame quarter piece that has been used with a LiteFrame 360 Technology feature. This provides your entire foot and ankle with more support to generate a lot of power with every stride.

Furthermore, there is no insole required. Therefore, you are able to skate at high speeds and have a lighter weight experience.

A tapered design has been used to construct these skates. As a result, you’re able to skate around with a good amount of contact between your feet and the skate for better power.

There’s very little negative space in the skate, which is largely because of the single-piece design that is heat moldable. We were also impressed with their TotalDri Pro liner.

This material is super lightweight and works effectively to get rid of any moisture that accumulates inside the skate. A vent under the sole keeps your feet cool with a constant circulation of air.

Awesome Features

  • TotalDri Pro liner and vent to get rid of moisture and keep your feet cool
  • Tapered design for a tighter fit
  • No insole allows for a lightweight feel
  • RocketFrame quarter piece and LiteFrame 360 Tech allows for lots of power


  • This is an advanced skate for high performing players.
  • Not cheap.

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Bauer Vapor X500 Senior

Best Support 

Bauer Vapor X500 Senior Ice Hockey Skates - '17 Model

The Bauer Vapor X500 Skates have been made to be comfortable, while also remaining stiff. This is a result of the quarter package that has been fitted to the skates.

We liked how Trueform PU materials have been implemented too. These provide the skates with even more support. Furthermore, an X-Rib pattern has been used too.

This is great for ensuring that you can wear the skates comfortably while being supported.

With a liner that can be molded by heat, you can be sure to get a tight feel while wearing these skates. As a result, you can have more control on the ice.

A hydrophobic microfiber liner is available as well. This works effectively to remove any sweat from the inside of your hockey skates to keep your feet dry.

You can also easily swap out broken blades by using the LightSpeed Edge holder.

Awesome Features

  • X-Rib pattern for comfort
  • LightSpeed Edge holder allows for easy swap outs of blades
  • Tighter feel


  • Some heavier or more advanced players find the skates feel a little too soft

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CCM Tacks 2092 Junior

Best junior skate 

CCM Tacks 2092 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Are you looking for a pair of ice hockey skates for a junior? If so, the CCM Tacks 2092 could be an excellent choice.

We liked how it has been fitted with a 2-tone brushed microfiber liner. This provides you with a lot of comfort, while also making the skate more durable.

A 5 mm tongue made out of felt is available too. This is excellent for ensuring that you can feel even more comfort, while having another layer of protection.

In addition to this, we were impressed with the way that they’ve designed the outsole. It has been made in a way that means you have the ability to generate a lot of power.

The heel holder has also been raised. This is fantastic for providing you with a better angle on the ice when attacking to improve your energy transfer.

Awesome Features

  • Heel holder and outsole design allow for lots of power to be generated
  • Felt tongue adds comfort and protection
  • 2-tone brushed microfiber liner improves comfort while making the skates more durable


  • Blades may require some sharpening before being used

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CCM Ribcor 70K Youth

Best youth skate 

CCM Ribcor 70K Youth Ice Hockey Skates

When it comes to skates for youths, the CCM Ribcor 70K are a wonderful choice. This is because they have been made using FlexFrame technology.

This is excellent for providing you with a lot of flexion when going forward. You also have a lot of stability when moving laterally, which improves your strides on the ice.

We liked how they have used a contoured heel design with these skates as well. The contoured design means that people with different sizes and shapes of ankle can wear the skates comfortably.

A Tritech pro tongue has been fitted that comes with three layers and it 7 mm in thickness. This is great for improving protection and comfort.

In addition to this, a special foam material made out of HDPE foam has been incorporated. This is effective at preventing lace bite, while also adding to the comfort and protection

As a result of the carbon composite that has been used on the outsole, you’re able to experience fantastic energy transfer. The stiffness of the carbon means that you have a lot of support on the ice.

Awesome Features

  • Contoured heel design for comfort
  • Carbon composite improves energy transfer
  • HDPE foam for preventing lace bite
  • FlexFrame boosts striding abilities on the ice
  • Tritech tongue for added comfort


  • May only be best for people with narrow feet, despite the contoured heel design

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Bauer Supreme S29 Senior

Best senior skate 

Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer’s Supreme S29 skates are a good choice for seniors. They have used a 3-D hydrophobic microfiber composite which works effectively to minimize sweat and moisture from building up inside the skates.

We liked how they have used memory foam on the ankle pads. They provide you with a lot of protection, while also feeling comfortable.

Not to mention, they are lightweight, which means you can move faster on the ice. In addition to this, a fiber composite has been used on the outsole which gives the skates more durability.

Awesome Features

  • 3-D hydrophobic microfiber to reduce sweat
  • Memory foam for protection and comfort
  • Lightweight design


  • May be a little more stiff than some were expecting

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Hockey Skates Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of what some of the top skates have to offer, you can begin to narrow down your search to finding the ones that are best for you.

When it comes to choosing a pair of skates, there are quite a few factors that you should take into consideration.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on how to go about deciding on which pair to choose, check out our buyers guide section below.

SENIOR Hockey Skates

Senior hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full grown teenagers with a Men’s US shoe size of 7 or greater.

JUNIOR Hockey Skates

Junior hockey skates are sized to fit kids in the range of approximately 7 to 13 years old with a US shoe size of 2 to 6.5.

YOUTH Hockey Skates

Youth hockey skates are sized to fit toddlers and young children in the age range of approximately 9 years old and younger with a US youth shoe size of 1.5 or smaller.


What Size Hockey Skates?

One of the biggest considerations that think about is the size of your hockey skates.

As a general rule, your hockey skates should be between 1 and 1.5 sizes down to your regular shoes. Having said that, various skates may fit differently. That’s why you should use that guideline loosely.

The number one way to find your size is to try them on. We also recommend that you wear the same kinds of socks that you’re planning to wear when you’re on the ice to get the most accurate fit.

Wide vs Regular vs Narrow

There are also different styles of skates available that cater to different feet shapes and sizes. Take a look below to get a better understanding of how the narrow, regular, and wide skates will fit.

  • C / N = Narrow Fit
  • D/ R = Regular Fit
  • E / W = Wide Fit
  • EE = Extra Wide Fit

Getting the Right fit

Getting the right fit is something that you are going to have to figure out for yourself. There are some good little tips that you can do to achieve this without any hassle.

Pencil Test

The pencil test is super simple. After you put your skates on, pull the tongue out before you tie up the laces. Place a pencil on top of the eyelets and around 3 eyelets down.

If the pencil stays flat and doesn’t move, it’s a great sign that the depth of your skates are appropriate for your feet. However, if the pencil touches your foot and isn’t in contact with the eyelets, it means that the skates aren’t deep enough for your feet.

Toe Brush Test

The toe brush test involves wearing your skates and taking note of whether your toes are touching the cap slightly inside.

Stand up with your skates on to get a better idea of how your feet will be placed in the skates when you’re on the ice. If your toes brush the cap and your feet feel secure, then you have the right size.

Finger Test

Lastly, you can use the finger test to determine if your hockey skates fit you well. Put your skates on and lace them up before bending your knees and leaning forward.

Touch the back of your heel using your finger to see if there’s any space in between your heel and the skates. If you’re able to fit 2 or more fingers inside the gap, then they’re too big.

If only one finger goes in and it feels like a bit of a tight squeeze, you can be sure that the skates will keep you supported while you’re on the ice.

Cheap vs Expensive Skates

hockey player skating

Low end Skates (below $150)

The lower end skates tend to be priced below $150. These are the cheapest options which means that they have more basic features.

They are usually softer and don’t offer as much support. Furthermore, it’s also likely that they will begin to wear down quicker than you may hope. So, if you are going to use a lower end pair of skates, be prepared to swap them out often.

Having said that, if you don’t play ice hockey as much, these more affordable skates may serve you well.

Intermediate Skates ($200-$350)

The intermediate skates come at a higher price that’s in the range of $200-$300. These mid-level skates have more support than the low end options.

While they may also feel a little too soft for some, they do usually offer lots of comfort. They are also made using tougher materials, which means you can expect them to last you for longer.

We recommend these skates for beginners and intermediate level players. Beginners are able to get a feel of what some of the more technological features feel like. Intermediate players are able to use these features to their advantage to improve their game on the ice.

Top of the line Skates ($600-$1,000)

The top of the line skates are priced higher at $600-$1,000. But with a premium price comes premium features and benefits.

They include more padding which improves comfort and protection. Their design is also stiffer to ensure that you have additional support.

Even the tongue and eyelets of these skates are made with high-quality materials to give you protection, comfort, and support.

If you’re an advanced player, having a pair of top of the line skates would be well worth the cost. The materials that have been used to make these skates are also of a high standard to ensure that they last you for years.

How to Lace Hockey Skates 

A common query that some people have when it comes to using hockey skates is how to lace them up. There are a lot of people who get this wrong, and it can have some major downsides.

We recommend that you start lacing your skates from the bottom. It’s important to make the bottom of the laces very tight. You want to aim for the top to be tight, but for the bottom to be the tightest.

This way of doing your laces keeps your feet in a secure position to make sure that they aren’t able to move around inside the skates. You can also play around with whether you want the tongue to be out or kept it as it comes down to personal preference.


The stiffness of your skates will largely depend on your experience level on the ice. A more experienced player will find that the stiffer their skates are, the better they can perform.

This is because stiffer skates offer more support for your ankles. Having said that, if you’re a younger player or someone who doesn’t have as much experience, this level of stiffness may be a disadvantage.

With a very stiff pair of skates your mobility is reduced. When you’re still gaining experience, you won’t have the confidence to be able to break into stiff skates quickly.

So, how do you know if a pair of skates are going to be stiff?

Well, you can squeeze them in the area where your ankles are going to. If they squeeze a bit too easily, it means that stiffness is too little and the support will be minimal.

If it’s very hard to squeeze, then it may be too stiff for your needs. It’s best to wear a pair of skates that still have some resistance to being squeezed to ensure that they’re effective at keeping you protected and mobile.

best hockey skates


Are hockey skates sharp out of the box?

No they come new with a flat unused edge. You’ll need to get them sharpened at your local rink or ask for them to be shipped out to you pre-sharpened (some online retailers offer this service).

However, It is usually best to buy them without them being sharpened so that you can return them if they’re the wrong fit. Most won’t accept returns of pre-sharpened skates.

How tight should hockey skates be worn?

Tight but not ‘cut off your blood circulation’ tight. Too tight at your feet will have reduced mobility and blood flow. Too loose and you won’t be able to transfer power properly through your skate and direct the skate in a precise way.

Over time you’ll learn to find the right tightness level for your style of play.

Investing a few dollars in a skate tightener makes the process much easier – just be careful not to pull too hard and gauge yourself with the metal edge if it slips! (Learn from my mistakes).

Can all hockey skates be baked?

Unfortunately no, only specific skate models can be baked (although it is becoming more and more common). Check with the manufacturer or product description before you bake your skates or you can risk damaging them.


That brings our review of what the best ice hockey skates have to offer. You can now begin to think about the main features, upsides, and downsides of each pair of skates.

We’ve provided you with all the information that you need to select the skates that are best for you. If you still weren’t feeling certain, our buyers guide section lays out more details to help you with finding the right pair for you.

Hopefully, you have found our review useful and you can feel more confident about buying a pair of hockey skates.