4 Best Hockey Stick Handling Tools & Trainers [2022]

Posted on May 2, 2019 by Dan Kent
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Stickhandling is the key to every great hockey players game and it’s also one of the more challenging skills to pick up – it requires hours of regular training over the years to get good.

The best way to improve your stickhandling is to practice regularly – on and off the ice. With a stickhandling tool at home, you can build your skills at home, in your yard and anytime you have some free time and are ready to work on your puck control.

Stickhandling training aids will help you focus on moving the puck at speed – so when you play in your next game or hit the ice for a training session, you’ll be a better hockey player.

Comparison Table

Tool Name Award Price

Hockey Revolution Bar Best Bar Check Price
Acon Wave Triangle Passer Best Passer Check Price

Hockey Revolution Floor Tile Best Smart Flooring Tile Check Price
Hockey Sauce Kit Best For Shot Accuracy Check Price

1. Hockey Revolution Training Aid

Best Stickhandling Bar

The Hockey Revolution training aid is a modern take on the old school fast hands setup. By default, it has the same familiar half octagon setup but uniquely the joints that connect each bar can be arranged in any shape you want.

What this means is that you have much more possibilities of training drills from straight lines to more dynamic zigzags.

Each line measure 20.5″ (52cm) and there are 7 of them meaning you could have a straight line of 143″ (3m 64cm) or arranged into a shorter pattern.

Because the device is easily manipulated in any shape you can think of – it will also fit in smaller spaces, allow you to set it up in your living room or yard and fit in almost any area that you have.

The training aid comes with a downloadable app which lists all the stickhandling drills that you can do with your new aid to give you more ideas and the motivation to stickhandle regularly.

The hockey revolution ‘My Enemy Pro’ also comes with a free stickhandling ball that works well on concrete or wood floors – and most dryland surfaces.

The kit is pretty affordable and folds down into a small shape to save on shipping costs and to make it easy to take it to the park or travel with it in your car.

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2. Fast Hands Professional

The fast hand professional is a half octagon of 1inch steel pipe which sits just a few inches above the ice. The small gaps allow you to get to grips with maneuvering the puck with precision and agility at close quarters.

The setup is simple but pretty clever because it’s useful for new and experienced players. Whether you’re a beginner stickhandler or a someone with quick hands looking for a challenge the shape and design of the trainer can be adapted quite easily.

Speed up and work on more intricate patterns or slow down and focus on clean sharp movements. The trainer comes with a guide listing out the many different drills that you can do using the trainer to keep things fresh.

Fast Hands Hockey - Training Drills

3. Snipers Edge

The Snipers Edge Hockey Trainer is a straight hockey trainer which is great for building quick hands as you close in on the net.

It has six interconnected segments which extend forward – great for dangling and deking drills at home or in your yard.

This is a great setup for players who are looking for a great on or off-ice training aid that will improve stickhandling over time.

Beginner Stickhandling Drill - Backhand Reach

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4. Acon Wave Infinity Triangle Passer

Best Passer

This is training aid specifically to improve your passing speed and accuracy.

It uses rubber bungee cables connected to three joints that absorb the pucks energy and then bounce it right back off.

The great thing about this device is that you can practice passing when you’re practicing alone. Just hit the right spot and be ready for the return bounce.

Combine this with one of stickhandling setups, Snipers Edge or Hockey Revolution and you can have a powerful home setup.

Quick hands through the stickhandling line, saucer pass to your Acon Wave, get ready for the setup and hit a one-timer and into your home net.

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5. Acon Wave Infinity Dangler

The ACON Wave Dangler is a two-in-one setup – being both a stickhandling aid and a passer.

ACON has combined the two by adding a rebounder band into the central section, meaning you can practice your dekes and your saucer passes in one training aid.

The great thing about the infinity dangler is that it can connect up with the triangle passer for a larger setup – great for people looking for extra training space or training with a friend.

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6. Hockey Revolution Floor Tile

Best Smart Floor Tile

The Hockey Revolution flooring tile is an ice-simulation surface that gives you the tools you need to stay sharp.

The surface allows regular ice hockey pucks or street pucks to slide in a realistic way – so you can get a similar on-ice experience (but a biscuit or street puck recommend and use an untaped stick).

My favorite thing about the Hockey Revolution Tile is that rebounders at each end which make passing off your backhand and then rebounding into quick snapshots an epic drill.

The tile is made from 35 square pieces overlaid with colors and symbols for a huge variety of drills – you can also download the Hockey Revolution training app which makes workouts interactive.

The training tile is also a great shooting pad and has plenty of space for one-timers from the rebounders and wrist shots across its length.

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7. Hockey Sauce Kit

Best Shot Accuracy Aid

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit is a small hockey net with an elevated spring loaded ramp which is loved by hockey players around the world.

The clever design is great for honing your shooting skills and saucer passes. It comes with 2x sheets of synthetic ice boards with rounded edges so you have space for stickhandling – it comes with 8x free standing cones you can arrange in any number of ways.

Unlike many other aids on the market, the Hockey sauce kit is not made from cheap plastic, but constructed to last and to take shots after shots after shots – without breaking apart.

Hockey Sauce Kit Review + HUGE sauce bombs

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8. Sweedish Stickhandling Ball

Best Stickhandling Ball

The Sweedish stickhandling balls are great for pre-game warmups and for working on your speed and accuracy in off-ice sessions.

The balls are durable, weighty and feel great on all hard surfaces. They’re very affordable and come in packs of 12 or 5.

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9. Green Biscuit

World famous green biscuits are street hockey pucks that are designed to take rough surfaces from asphalt to concrete.

A rugged counterpart to the hockey puck, green biscuits slide easier on rough surfaces and make playing in your backyard or driveway fun again.

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How to improve your stickhandling

  1. Practice as much as possible. The more you can practice the more you will develop better hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.
  2. Don’t hold the stick tight. By relaxing your bottom hand to have a looser grip, the shaft will slide more easily back and forth – allowing you to move the stick further away or closer to your body as you control the movements of the puck.
  3. Relax your shoulders. Your arms will have a maximum range of motion to move the puck when your shoulders and arms are loose and relaxed.
  4. Move the puck in all direction. The best hockey players are able to maneuver the puck in all directions with ease. Regularly practice moving the back not just left to right, but behind you, off your skates and every space in between.
  5. Look up. What separates the beginners from the good hockey players are those who spend more time looking up than down. Keep your head up when practicing so you can control the puck with your peripheral vision. This will help you send and receive passes, play in a better position and protect you from unexpected checks. More tips.
Stickhandling Drills: 1 The Soft Touch

Final Thoughts

Stickhandling tools are awesome, with ice time being precious for most players – the ability to pick up a stick and practice on your stickhandling in your yard or garage is not only fun but good for your game.

Each year there are more and more stickhandling aids on the market from advanced floor tiles to smart passing aids – the tech is getting better an better.

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