Best Hockey Sticks For Defensemen Reviewed [2022]

by Simon | Updated On: March 24th, 2022

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The most popular stick for defencemen in the NHL is the Warrior Alpha QX, which is the stick used by 20% of all players! It’s not cheap, but there are other great sticks that are lightweight and delivery awesome performance shot after shot.

Defencemen hockey players typically prefer longer and heavier sticks. Longer so they can poke check their opponents and intercept passes easier. Many defencemen also prefer a slightly heavier stick so they can clear the pucks further, poke check and slapshot all with more power.

After many hours of research, I’ve narrowed down a list of the absolute best hockey sticks for defensemen – for any hockey player from youth to adult beer league. If you’re looking for some buyers tips on choosing the right stick – check my mini guide below the reviews.

To hook you up with the best price I’ve linked out to different retailers who stock each stick, for US, UK, and EU players. Using these affiliate links helps fund writing for at no extra cost to you.

Let’s get down to it.

1. Bauer Supreme 2s Pro Grip

bauer supreme 2s


The Bauer Supreme 2s Pro Grip is a high-end composite stick weighing in at 415 grams (based on an 87 flex). It is made from advanced carbon layering which provides great durability and power to weight ratio. This a responsive stick with a tactile grip that generates plenty of shot power to get your pucks off fast from the blue line.

The stick uses progressive flex so there is more flexibility near the hands and as you move towards the blade it becomes stiffer. This makes the stick easy to handle and easy to shoot pucks at speed.

As with all Supreme sticks, this has a mid-high kick point which makes it ideal for defensive players looks to get power behind their slapshots and more control when battling it out against an oncoming opponent.

This senior version of this stick comes in four flex options: 70, 77, 87 & 102 and measures 60″ (152cm). The shaft and blade of this stick are manufactured by layering carbon over each other which compresses the carbon and increase the strength of the blade while reducing the overall stick weight.

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On top of this, Bauer have brought back their Renewcore technology which fills the blade with pressurized gel so that internal hairline cracks in the blade are restored throughout the life of the stick. Meaning you have a longer lasting stick blade that is able to ‘heal’ itself. That said there are some complaints about the overall durability of the Bauer Supreme 2s

An added benefit of this stick for defensemen is the taller blade which will give you more reach when poke-checking and reaching for that puck during skirmishes and tipping shots in front of the net.

This is an elite level stick for the player looking to make gains, improve accuracy. Not for beginners or players starting their hockey journey.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Stick Line // On-Ice Insight

Awesome features


🏆 Awards: Best High-End Defensemen Stick

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2. WarriorAlpha QX

Warrior Alpha QX by CCM


The Warior Alpha QX has the accolade of being the most popular hockey stick for professional defensmen in the NHL. Players like Erik Karlsoon, Duncan Keith and Zdeno Chara.

The stick has a powerful quick release and low kick point which makes it better for unsuspecting wrist shots and snap shots over heavy hitting slap shots.  The shaft tapers and gets slimmer towards the blade.

It’s made from a single composition construction so the blade and the shaft are durable and offer excellent puck handling. This is a high-end stick for good hockey players looking to get the very best from their stick.

It’s not cheap, but it’s packed full of features to give you an incredible feel of the puck, excellent stickhandling a low kick point for quick release shots or passes to your forwards.

This stick is made from Minimus Carbon 1000 which makes it strong and durable whilst also providing pop and accuracy. At just 413 grams the Warrior Alpha is lightweight without sacrificing responsiveness. This is for the defensemen looking to get shots of fast. It can handle more powerful slapshots just fine, but if that is your main shot of choice then choose a stick with a higher kick point.

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The Warior Alphas is an elite level stick that’s as close you’ll get to what the pros use. While it’s not going to make you a pro, this stick in the right hands will make a massive difference to your game.

Warrior Alpha QX Stick - Strike from Anywhere feat. Johnny Gaudreau

Awesome features


🏆 Awards: NHL Most Used Stick

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What a Defenseman Should Look For in a Stick

Defensemen tend to look for different styles of sticks than offensive players. While any player can use any stick and different players have their own preferences, there are a few key things that many defensemen players prefer:

1. Blade curve

Defensemen tend to prefer their blade to be curved at the heel or mid-heel. The heel curve makes stopping pucks and firing saucer passes out of your zone that bit easier. Defensive players also like to have larger and longer blades which gives them more reach when fighting for pucks. More surface areas also make stopping pucks from the opposing team easier.

2. Length

When it comes to stick length, many defensive players prefer a slightly longer reach – which makes poke checking and reaching for that oncoming puck easier.

A long stick would be any length that extends above your chin when your standing with your skates on.

3. Weight

All hockey sticks are light compared to the wood versions our parents used. While composite sticks are the new wood, there is still a wide variety of weights and defensemen looking to take harder shots or have more muscle in a puck batter tend to look for a slightly heavier stick.

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That said many defensive players are happy to compromise with a lighter stick that makes maneuvering and firing shots of that bit faster.

The final weigh of your stick as a defenseman will come down to your preferences and if you’re wanting to spend a bit extra to get a lighter upgrade.

4. Kick point

The kick point is the part of the stick that is the stiffest and loads up the most power on the shot. If you’re defensemen looking for harder hitting slapshots from the blue line then a mid to high kick point is what you’re looking for. If you’re a more versatile player and want quicker hands and faster releases than a mid-low kick point is what you’re after.

5. Flex

When it comes to flex, it’s up to personal preference again. If you’re taking heavy slapshots then a stiffer flex will give you more energy and help you load your stick for maximum power. If you’re firing pucks off quickly and prefer the surprise of a snap or wrist shot then a softer flex will work well for you as a defensive player.

Flex is not something you need to worry about if you’re still learning how to take shots, but generally the heavier and stronger you are the stiffer you’ll want your flex.

Here is a simple guide to stick flex:

defensive hockey stick battle

Final thoughts

If you’re just starting out as defensemen then there is no need to chuck away your stick and get a shiny new one. It’s only after you’ve been playing hockey regularly in your defensive position when you’ll benefit the most from a new stick.

A new stick won’t instantly make you a superstar, but it can have pretty striking effects on your game. You don’t need the most expensive stick, but a quality stick that is the right flex heigh and curve for you will really help your game – at all levels above ‘just starting out’.

To recap, a defensive player can use any stick, but most defensemen will prefer a slightly longer and heavier stick with a larger blade and a higher kick point for more power.


Simon, the founder of Brave Stick Hockey, started playing hockey in 2003. He launched this website in 2018 to help new hockey players and fans learn more about the game and have more fun while learning.