Best Hockey Sticks For Defensemen Reviewed [2022]

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Dan Kent

The most popular stick for defencemen in the NHL is the Warrior Alpha QX, which is the stick used by 20% of all players! It’s not cheap, but there are other great sticks that are lightweight and deliver awesome performance shot after shot.

Defencemen hockey players typically prefer longer and heavier sticks. Longer so they can poke-check their opponents and intercept pass easier. Many defencemen also prefer a slightly heavier stick so they can clear the pucks further when being pressed on the forecheck, poke check, and slapshot all with more power.

After many hours of research, I’ve narrowed down a list of the absolute best hockey sticks for defensemen – for any hockey player from youth to adult beer league. If you’re looking for some buyer’s tips on choosing the right stick – check my mini guide below the reviews.

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Let’s get down to it.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic

Best for power

bauer supreme ultrasonic hockey sticks

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic hockey stick has been made with Monocomp tech which involves a special molding process that gives this stick its solid single-piece design. As a result, players can shoot faster and more accurately. 

SONIC Taper technology has also been implemented to this hockey stick which enhances the amount of accuracy that players are given when passing and taking shots. This design allows for players to be provided with better energy transfer from the stick to take shots with higher velocity. 

We also liked how TeXtreme tech has been used to design the shaft of this hockey stick. This design is excellent for keeping the stick lightweight, without compromising on strength and durability. Carbon layered materials have been used throughout the blade and stick which enhances its strength whilst maintaining a lighter weight. 

The overall aesthetic design of the stick is something that players have been appreciating too. The yellow and black colors with a tinge of green create a slick-looking stick. However, some users have mentioned that the stick is a little pricey. 

Awesome Features

  • Durable & lightweight design
  • SONIC Taper tech for improved accuracy & power
  • Great aesthetic design 

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Warrior Alpha DX Grip Senior

Best for responsiveness 

warrior alpha dx grip senior hockey sticks

Players have been loving the aesthetic design of the Warrior Alpha DX Grip hockey stick. The neon yellow and green colors create a sleek design that looks fantastic. In addition to the aesthetic design, players have also been liking how Sabre taper tech has been included.

This technology enables players to take incredibly quick and powerful shots. Furthermore, True1 Phantom tech has also been included which is what gives the stick its one-piece design. Therefore, players can maximize the responsiveness from the stick to play at a fast pace. 

Minimus Carbon 1400 materials have been used to construct this stick. This involves a carbon design that’s both lightweight and strong. To keep the stick durable, a composite layered material has been used inside the core of the stick which keeps it strong from the inside out. 

Not to mention, the FuelCore blade that has been fitted is lightweight and enables you to get a better feel of the puck. As a result, players have been able to improve their control, shot power, and accuracy. 

Ergo Shaft Tape has been included with this stick too which is fantastic for contouring to the natural shape of your hands. This means that you can get a better grip on the stick to improve your shooting, passing, and accuracy. 

Awesome Features

  • Ergonomic grip design 
  • Durable materials 
  • Super responsive 

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Bauer Nexus Geo Grip

Bauer Nexus Geo Grip

ER SPINTECH has been integrated into this hockey stick that includes 5 carbon fiber layers. These carbon fiber materials are incredibly light whilst also being durable. A Duraflex resin feature has been added to the construction of this stick which boosts the durability and strength. 

The carbon fiber and Duraflex resin provide the stick with plenty of stability so that you can make powerful and accurate shots. 

In addition to this, players have been liking how the stick has a 5-sided design. This is excellent for allowing the stick to contour to the natural shape of your hands. As a result, you can hold the stick with a better grip to have more control. 

Monocomp technology is included with this stick which involves putting the stick through a molding system during its construction. The result is a more balanced stick that allows for better shot control. 

OmniCore blade tech has also been added which boosts the stability of the stick. It also means that the stick remains more durable so that you can feel confident in playing with it for a while. 

Awesome Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Strong & durable carbon fiber layers 
  • Sleek design 


  • A little pricey for some 

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CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Junior

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Junior

CCM’s Jetspeed FT4 Pro has been made with a flex zone that’s stiff along with other flex zones that are slightly softer. As a result, players can pull off fast shots with plenty of power. 

Skeleton+ technology has also been included that enables the stick to feel lightweight whilst still feeling strong. In addition to this, Nanolite carbon materials have been layered within the stick. This is excellent for boosting the speed and durability of the stick and maintaining a lightweight design. 

The RR-90 blade is made with Damp-Core tech which provides the blade with a blend of dampening and stiffness features. This has allowed players to take powerful shots whilst also using the stick to control passes. 

An R-Geometry design has been used to construct this stick which provides it with its shape. The streamlined design enables players to feel comfortable whilst holding the stick. 

Awesome Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Allows for powerful shots
  • Great for controlling passes 
  • Feels comfortable to hold 


  • Not as durable as some were hoping 

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What a Defenseman Should Look For in a Stick

Defensemen tend to look for different styles of sticks than offensive players. While any player can use any stick and different players have their own preferences, there are a few key things that many defensemen players prefer:

  • Blade Curve
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Kick point
  • Flex

1. Blade Curve

Defensemen tend to prefer their blade to be curved at the heel or mid-heel. The heel curve makes stopping pucks and firing saucer passes out of your zone that bit easier. Defensive players also like to have larger and longer blades which gives them more reach when fighting for pucks. More surface areas also make stopping pucks from the opposing team easier.

2. Length

When it comes to sticking length, many defensive players prefer a slightly longer reach – which makes poke checking and reaching for that oncoming puck easier.

A long stick would be any length that extends above your chin when you standing with your skates on.

3. Weight

All hockey sticks are light compared to the wood versions our parents used. While composite sticks are the new wood, there is still a wide variety of weights and defensemen looking to take harder shots or have more muscle in a puck batter tend to look for a slightly heavier stick.

That said many defensive players are happy to compromise with a lighter stick that makes maneuvering and firing shots of that bit faster.

The final weigh of your stick as a defenseman will come down to your preferences and if you’re wanting to spend a bit extra to get a lighter upgrade.

4. Kick point

The kick point is the part of the stick that is the stiffest and loads up the most power on the shot. If you’re defensemen looking for harder-hitting slapshots from the blue line then a mid to high kick point is what you’re looking for. If you’re a more versatile player and want quicker hands and faster releases then a mid-low kick point is what you’re after.

5. Flex

When it comes to flex, it’s up to personal preference again. If you’re taking heavy slapshots then a stiffer flex will give you more energy and help you load your stick for maximum power. If you’re firing pucks off quickly and prefer the surprise of a snap or wrist shot then a softer flex will work well for you as a defensive player.

Flex is not something you need to worry about if you’re still learning how to take shots, but generally the heavier and stronger you are the stiffer you’ll want your flex.

Here is a simple guide to stick flex:

  • Youth = 40 flex
  • Junior = 50 flex
  • Mid or Intermediate flex = 60-75 flex
  • Regular flex = 85 flex
  • Stiff flex = 100 flex
  • Extra stiff = 110 flex

defensive hockey stick battle

Final Thoughts

If you’re just starting out as defenseman then there is no need to chuck away your stick and get a shiny new one. It’s only after you’ve been playing hockey regularly in your defensive position that you’ll benefit the most from a new stick.

A new stick won’t instantly make you a superstar, but it can have pretty striking effects on your game. You don’t need the most expensive stick, but a quality stick that is the right flex heigh and curves for you will really help your game – at all levels above ‘just starting out.

To recap, a defensive player can use any stick, but most defensemen will prefer a slightly longer and heavier stick with a larger blade and a higher kick point for more power.

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