What is the Best Way to Buy NHL Tickets? (To Save Money)

Posted on June 6, 2022 by Dan Kent
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With the passion of the crowd of your favorite team, speed of play, the thrill of a goal, and up-close views of your favorite players, there is nothing like seeing an NHL game in person. Unfortunately, the market for buying NHL tickets can be daunting for many first-time purchasers.

The best way to buy NHL tickets requires a simple process and a few questions to ask yourself. Are you willing to wait right before puck drop to capitalize on a sizeable ticket price drop or would you rather purchase far in advance to guarantee a solid value? Next, you want to compare multiple online resources or prices at the door to evaluate the ticket values you are getting for the same NHL game.

What Are The Best Websites For Buying NHL Tickets?

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The majority of NHL fans use ticketmaster.com or StubHub.com to purchase tickets because they have official partnerships with the NHL and are the most advertised online resources for ticket purchasing. You can also purchase tickets directly through NHL team websites and there are also many other ticket websites including: 

Reputable Websites to Buy NHL Tickets:

As mentioned previously, the best method to combat a competitive ticket market is to compare the prices across different platforms for the same game. 

How Do I Determine the Fees for Purchasing Online Tickets? 

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In addition to having many sellers, online ticket websites present their fees differently. Some ticket sellers will show you the cost of the ticket and fees together initially while others will show the ticket price without the added costs. 

A strategy many ticket vendors implement is offering lower “ticket” prices than the market value but throughout the checkout process, you will be charged extensive fees equalling a similar price to most other tickets. Make sure to always be aware of how different vendors will try to sell you their tickets and stick to the ones (or one) that suit your needs the best after research. 

Can You Buy NHL Tickets In-Person at the Arena?

You can certainly visit the ticket window at the NHL arena of the game to buy tickets and ask questions, but if you are looking to save time and potentially more discounts, purchasing online is the better bet. Buying tickets in-person is certainly fading away as the accessibility and purchasing process online is more intuitive nowadays. 

In addition, the availability of a given game is not necessarily known if you are buying in person, presenting the added risk for not being able to attend the NHL game. The number one priority for an NHL fan buying a ticket is to eliminate risk: purchasing in-person is not recommended because it is too ambiguous. 

Should I buy NHL Tickets Right Before the Game or Well in Advance? 

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This highly talked about question depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take and what your seating preferences are. The one similarity within this question is that both times are when tickets are relatively the cheapest and present the best value for NHL fans. 

If you go to games frequently and are familiar with the ticket buying process, I suggest maximizing the chances of getting tickets cheap from people selling right before the game. For people that go to games occasionally, purchasing tickets well in advance is the most secure value you will get. 

How Can I Save Money Buying NHL Tickets?

It’s difficult to predict what exact games you want to attend or what your future schedule looks like, but timing is an essential aspect of saving money buying NHL tickets.

A great strategy is to buy tickets before the NHL season starts because that is the optimal time for finding lower prices and discounts. For season ticket holders this is especially true when getting packages because you are earlier to the marketing phase where prices increase, and more people buy. 

In addition to buying tickets prior to the season starting, games at the beginning of the year offer the best price value. Over the past three seasons, tickets to games in October have resold for an average of $73 compared to $93 in April for a regular-season game, representing a 27% increase.

The last trip to help save money is buying tickets for NHL games during the week. Prices are far lower on Tuesday and Thursday nights than Friday and Sunday and you can have the same amount of fun with potentially better seats on those weeknights. 

Awareness is Key When Buying NHL Tickets


Knowing when good times are to buy tickets and what the aspects of the ticket selling market are will give you a better idea for getting the best-valued tickets. As you attend more games you will become more familiar with buying tickets which will also help you towards reaching your goals. 

Remember to always compare the prices, discount rates, and fees between different websites before making a decision. This will ensure that you are getting the best value for the ticket for the same NHL game. 

Now that you are more familiar with the landscape of buying tickets for NHL games, go into each purchase with confidence and enjoy the most entertaining professional sport to watch in person. 



Navigating which website offers the best deals, lowest prices, or the least amount of fees can be a confusing process as there are several methods, apps, and websites to buy tickets for NHL games. These simple research-based method will ensure you are getting the best value in a competitive ticket market with many sellers.

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